Why choose live-in care?

Why choose live in care services?

Live in care helps maintain the client’s independence, dignity while being cared for on a one to one basis and is tailored to you or your loved one’s specific needs. Receiving care in the comfort of your home is not only refreshing but also therapeutic.

why choose live in care
             Live in carer helping senior man (60s) with walker.

Better Quality Care

Live-in care allows you to receive care without moving you or your loved one away from familiar surroundings. This quality of care allows you to enjoy being cared for in you in a familiar setting.


Our carers have the relevant skills and experience to support you or your loved one with high quality care, continuous training is provided annually.


As the care package is tailored to suit you or your loved one’s specific needs, your wishes and preferences are very important.

Quality of Life

Our carers will maintain a high level of professionalism at all times while assisting you or your loved one, in your own home. The carer is not there to change anything but to provide care in accordance with your wishes and preferences.

Live-in care can be a daunting prospect but Safehands is here to help with your enquiries.

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