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Safehands Live In Care, Is The UK's Most Trusted 24 Hour Care at Home Agency

Live in care or 24-hour home care is a new, affordable & reliable alternative care in your own home To Residential Care Homes

Safehands Is rated 5/5 Good by CQC, We Provide  Quality 24-hour care At Home & Live in care for the elderly and young adults at home throughout the UK. A professional, trustworthy & caring carer is able to move into your home to provide personal care, companion & support 24/7, allowing you to remain independent while in the comfort of your own home.

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Live-in care for dementia sufferers

Someone suffering from dementia and requiring dementia live-in care will have a range of varying and complex needs which must be met with sensitivity. Many who have the condition may feel vulnerable and afraid, especially over the passage of time as their illness progresses and they have to rely on others more and more in order to carry on with their daily life. This is why it can sometimes be incredibly helpful to have a live-in home carer who can help with the day to day requirements of the condition and show compassion and understanding.
A home care package providing respite live-in care can greatly help relieve stress and upset and give the client a new lease of life. A carer who lives in with a dementia sufferer can provide a calming, reassuring presence that offers encouragement and support. The carer will provide the opportunity for the person with dementia to still participate in their daily routine as much as they are able to and to improve their confidence and belief in their own abilities. Help can be provided for anything from cooking and cleaning to DIY and gardening.
A positive relationship between the client and the carer
Dementia presents many challenges to the sufferer and their family. Having someone to live in means that basic every day routines can be monitored and taken care of. A carer can make dealing with potentially stressful situations like incontinence much easier by offering prompting and reminders. They can help with meal times and also with aspects of personal hygiene as well as household tasks, cleaning and laundry.
Positive aspects of home care
A dementia sufferer may find it much easier to remain in their own home with their belongings around them and in familiar surroundings. It means that they can also stay close to their family, friends and pets if they have them. This contact with loved ones is vitally important for anyone suffering with the condition and helps them feel less isolated and alone.
Supported live-in care from an expert carer will make sure that sufferers of dementia get regular meals and drinks and take part in gentle exercise as part of their therapy. This can really help to improve their quality of life.
Someone who provides live-in care can help the client keep up their hobbies and interests and give them a positive direction in life. Gentle encouragement and support are two of the mainstays of treatment for this condition.
Understanding how to provide care for a dementia patient is an exhausting task which dementia care at home offers incredible solutions to. At Safehands, we’re equipped to help ensure the needed care for you or your loved ones who need quality in-home dementia care.

What you Should Know About Dementia

Contrary to popular belief, dementia is not a disease. However, it is a group of conditions characterized by the loss of some brain functions such as memory loss.
Alzheimer’s is considered as one of the most common forms of dementia known to man today. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines dementia as
Although dementia is not a condition that necessarily affects only older people, the chances of getting affected by this condition are higher in senior citizens, and a sizeable majority of the world’s population that suffers from this condition happens to fall within the threshold of the later part of life.

What Solutions does Dementia Live In Care Offer?

In-home dementia care is the best form of care and support that you can provide to patients who suffer from this condition as it affords them the luxury of receiving professional treatments from the comfort of their homes.
Some of the associated symptoms of dementia are; personality disorder, loss of mobility, and inability to stay focused on one activity or the other, which are symptoms that can easily be attributed to older adults.
However, with dementia home care you will be able to provide the necessary care and support for your loved one from within their homes, thereby helping them to live life as healthy as possible and still retain their dignity and independence.
More often than not, dementia patients have been known to respond faster and better to treatments when they receive the said treatments from the comfort of their homes around the people they love and where they’re constantly reminded of how beautiful their life was before the onset of their symptoms.

What are the Benefits of Dementia Home Care?

The provision of in-home care for a dementia patient offers numerous benefits for both the patient and their loved ones. At Safehands, our dementia home care service hooks you up with professionally trained dementia care at home specialists who are equipped to provide standard care and support for your loved one throughout the United Kingdom.
Some of the benefits of In-home dementia care include;

1. Personalised Care Approach

One of the significant benefits of dementia care at home is the customised care approach that it provides to your loved one. As opposed to traditional nursing homes or residential care service providers, dementia home care gives you the luxury of offering a personalised care arrangement for your loved one without them having to compete for attention and an over-crowded pool of resources as is usually the case in nursing homes and residential care. With in-home dementia care, you will be able to keep track of every change in the health status of your loved one and the assigned carer and provide dedicated care and support while keeping you updated on the situation of things at all times.

2. Retention of Independence and Dignity

We understand how confused a dementia patient can feel when they have to battle spontaneous loss of motor skills and memory at unexpected intervals. Providing the necessary care to help them manage these symptoms from the comfort of their homes will help them to feel more independent and retain their dignity when they have someone who can always attend to them within their grasp.

3. 24 Hour Access

Unlike nursing homes where you have to conform to the predetermined rules and regulations which in most cases usually involves visitations during stipulated hours of the day, dementia care at home allows you to have round the clock access to your loved one. This means that you can go about your daily activities and check in on your loved one whenever you’re able to and rest assured that at all times that you’re not available; they receive the best form of care.

What are the Costs of Dementia Home Care?

Elderly Care at home

At Safehands, we offer affordable in-home dementia care service to our clients as we fully understand the intricacies of the treatment process and how to exploit certain avenues to your advantage. Our vast network of professional dementia care at home experts also affords us the luxury of providing expert care and consultancy services within your locality without the need for any extra costs.
Our live-in care price packages start from as low as 699.00GBP per week, which is considered quite reasonable when compared to the costs of conventional care homes.
Apart from possessing all the relevant skills and knowledge required in dementia home care service, our expert caregivers are highly compassionate and caring, and they fully understand how best to handle every situation that arises during the care of your loved one. They are also adept at assisting with all household activities that come with the job description such as home cleaning, preparing fresh meals, giving prescribed medicines, planning for events and assistance during family gatherings and appointments.
At Safehands Live In, we fully understand the importance of creating a bond between the carer and the cared-for and how this can significantly influence their response to treatments, which is why we ensure that each in-home dementia carer specialist that we assign to you is not done randomly. We only designate a caregiver with unique personalities that are similar to your loved one, thereby making the treatment process more comfortable and helping them create the necessary bond as fast as possible.

How Does Our Dementia Care at Home Service Work?

At Safehands, we frequently collaborate with the necessary medical bodies and agencies to ensure that our dementia home care service is of the highest quality and meet up to the highest health standards anywhere in the world today.
All our carers are specially trained in the deployment of the best care practices to help your loved one get over whatever symptom they experience without the use of any anti-psychotic drugs.
We also currently work hand-in-hand with the Contented Dementia Trust (CDT) to introduce the SPECAL approach to help us fully understand dementia patients, how they feel, what’s important to them and how best to tackle any symptoms they feel at any point in time. The SPECAL approach involves some of the most efficient therapeutic techniques and methodologies that help us connect with a patient faster and figure out what they need the most to help manage the symptoms that they feel.
Every member of our staff is introduced to the SPECAL Photograph Album understanding of memory, ageing and dementia, which forms the basis of the SPECAL approach and helps us understand dementia from the perspective of the patient which, in turn, helps us to adequately bridge the gap between their past and present life conditions, thereby, helping them to develop communication strategies that allow them to connect effectively with everyone they come in contact with no matter the severity of their symptoms. Our highly trained staff is also available to deal with emergencies, and we can begin to arrange the necessary dementia home care service as early as 24 hours to the time when you intimate us of your case.
At Safehands, we are the leading provider of dementia home care service across England and Wales, and we will love to work with you. Kindly give us a call to get started on getting the best form of in-home dementia care for your loved one right away, our customer support representatives are available at all times of the day to attend to all your inquiries concerning how you can access dementia care at home.
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