What is live in care?

What is live in care?

As you or your loved ones age, have long-term health problems, disabilities and illness may start to become unmanageable without assistance. So what is 24 Hour live in care? Live in care or 24 hour care at home is when a trained care worker moves in a client’s home and stays there for couple of weeks or days, supporting with day to daycare needs and companionship.

Our bodies are made up of cells. The cells multiply to create new ones, each cell reproduces a certain number of times before it dies. The fewer skin cells you have, the thinner your skin becomes. When we age, we may find daily routines challenging. Our bones and muscles become weaker. The memory deteriorates, and the immune system cannot fight diseases as easily as it could before.

what is live in care
                   what is live in care

Care homes are usually expensive, and not everyone is willing to go for this option. People prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes. Separating from your family and friends can cause depression and a decrease in self-esteem. Which can negatively impact on your wellbeing.  What is live in care? Live in care is an alternative option for residential care home. Our live in carer comes to live with you or your loved one 24/7. They offer round-the-clock physical and emotional support. Carers are professionals who are trained and vetted to provide good quality care.  They possess a range of professional and interpersonal skills. Therefore, you can be assured that your relative is well cared for.

At Safehands, we make sure all our carers have up to date training. Our are board candidates that are passionate about their job. Compassion, excellent communication skills, patience and caring manner, are essential for this job. A carer shall respect customers’ choices, support their independence and promote their dignity at all times.

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