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When choosing live in care service in England, there are many factors to consider. You want the highest quality of care while still being cost-effective. With Safehands Live In Care, you get all of that and more. We offer quality, personalised care and support in your own home so you don’t have to compromise on comfort or quality of life. Safehands Live In Care lets you live your life independently and without limits. If you are considering live in care in Staffordshire, contact us today and experience the difference Safehands Live In Care can make for you!
Safehands Live In Care is one of the UK’s most trusted live in care providers with a reputation for quality service and support. We provide a wide range of live in care services but what our clients value the most is the companionship they get from a personal carer living in their home. As one of only a few live in care agencies to receive a “Good” rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Safehands Live In Care is committed to providing the highest levels of live in care possible.
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What Is Live In Care?

Live in care is a popular option among many of today’s elderly. It provides personalised care, an experienced live in carer and 24/7 support they need to live a happier, healthier, more comfortable life in their own homes.
Live in care in Staffordshire is an excellent alternative to residential care homes which don’t offer truly personalised care. Whether you need help with daily activities, medication dosing or mobility issues, the unmatched care you receive from Safehands Live In Care can have a positive impact on your day.
24-hour home care is suitable for elderly couples as well as it can give them the confidence of knowing that a trained carer is on hand to provide 24-hour care whenever they need it.
With continuity of care, companionship and a sustainable relationship with a live in carer being an important part of what Safehands Live In Care has to offer, the possibilities are endless.

How Is Live In Care Different?

When comparing live in care with residential home care, the benefits are clear, live in care is better care. With live in care, you get to live in your home where you are comfortable. This is especially important for dementia patients since familiarity, both in people and their surroundings, is crucial to their well-being.
Another distinct difference between 24-hour care at home and a residential care home is that care services are custom tailored to the needs of each client, not an entire group.
While other live in care agencies are internationally based, Safehands Live In Care offers local live in care in Staffordshire that is managed, supported and quality assured locally. We also provide a local care management team which is in charge of providing weekly support visits designed to ensure that both client and carer are satisfied.
With cost being an important factor in many couples’ care decisions, it’s important to note that most residential care homes require couples to pay for two beds, doubling the cost of their care.

Some examples of when families may use Staffordshire live in care include:

Clients Currently Receiving Hourly Visiting Care
For clients receiving care agency or social services provided hourly visiting care, they might notice that the care is not as personalised as they would like. With live in care, a carer lives in your home and provides one-to-one personalised care and companionship based on trust and sustainability.
Live in care in Staffordshire is also less expensive than hourly visiting care, especially if sleepover night care is required. Additionally, hourly visiting care doesn’t provide continuity of care which is important to building a strong client/carer relationship.
Home Instead Care for Couples
Safehands Live In Care offers live in care in Staffordshire to elderly couples. Whether just one, or both, people in the couple need live in care support, they can count on the team of live in care experts. When couples are able to stay together in their homes, they show dramatically improved mental and physical health as well as decreased healing and recovery times after an illness or accident. These factors are multiplied with the addition of professional one-to-one care.
A drawback of residential home care for couples is that they are often required to pay for two beds which can increase care costs dramatically.
Hospital Discharge Care
Modern hospital discharge regulations require an adequate level of home care be in place before an elderly patient may be discharged. With Safehands Live In Care, that care is in place and our specially trained Staffordshire live in care team can manage the hospital discharge including liaising with the necessary healthcare professionals.
Specialist Care Needs
Safehands Live In Care understands the needs of patients with complex care issues. Our team of knowledgeable, experienced carers can assist clients with dementia, Parkinson’s and other special medical conditions by offering full-time live in care in England. Live in care ensures continuity of care, more personalised care and stronger client / carer relationships.
Senior Falls Prevention
Accidents in the home including falls are the number one cause of ill-health and hospital admission in the elderly. Falls often occur because there is no one there to assist them with their daily tasks. A live in carer in Staffordshire can help keep elderly clients safe and reduce incidents of falling and other household accidents. If a client does become injured, a live in carer can assist with first aid and alert emergency personnel if needed.
How Do I Arrange Live In Care In Staffordshire?
Our easy 4-step procedure will help you arrange live in care in Staffordshire quickly and conveniently.
Step 1. Speak To Our Local Team
Begin by calling our local team. A knowledgeable Safehands Live In Care professional will contact you and explain our services as well as answer and questions you might have about Live In Care in Staffordshire.
Step 2. Home Care Assessment
Next, a Safehands Live In Care local home care manager will visit you in your home and conduct an assessment of your care needs.
Step 3. Create Your Tailored Care Plan
Once we have gathered the necessary data, we will then develop a tailored care plan based on that data and identify any key areas of care that need to be addressed in depth.
Step 4. Carer Matching And Introductions
Finally, a Safehands Live In Care local home care manager will match you with a team of live in carers in Staffordshire and introduce you, or your loved ones to them before your care begins. The local care management team will constantly monitor your care and be on hand to answer any questions you might have about your care.
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.
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