Signs That Your Loved One May Need Additional Support

We are so used to our parents taking care of us that we don’t even think that one day they made need us to take care of them. Day to day tasks get harder as we get older and there is no denying that things we used to do without even thinking will begin to take much more time and effort. 


When you’re visiting your family members or friends, you will have an opportunity to evaluate how they’re doing in terms of health, safety and quality of life in general. There are certain things that you can look out for that may indicate that your loved one needs more support. Safehands Live-in Care have put together a list of red flags to be aware of. 


Unfinished business


This can vary from unopened letters to unfinished jobs around the house. For example, if their once neat and tidy house has become cluttered and dusty. Anything that would have usually been easy for them to finish but is now a struggle can be a sign that it is time to get some help. 


Providing your loved ones with support in this area is often one of the best ways to help them. It will ensure that they are living in a clean home and are taking care of themselves properly. Simply arranging for someone to visit your loved ones come and complete the housework regularly will take the pressure off your shoulders and also provide you with peace of mind that the cleanliness of their home is no longer a worry. 


Change in appearance


Of course, as we age we will start to look different but, it shouldn’t be extreme and in a short time frame. If you notice your loved one has gained or lost excessive weight or is generally not looking like themselves then they may be some assistance. 


In this case, you may want to consider companion care for your loved one. In general, they will be able to assist them with everything from making a nutritious healthy meals to combing their hair and generally just putting a smile back on their face. Sometimes just having someone around daily can make all the difference and help to get your loved one back to their old self again. 




From time to time everyone will forget things but if this forgetfulness is becoming more frequent or if it is important things that aren’t easy to forget then your loved one may be struggling. Forgetfulness can cause lots of problems if not addressed. 


Depending on what your loved one is forgetting, temporary live in care could be a solution for you. For example, if your parents are currently on a lot of medication or are overcoming an injury and needs to follow a specific regime then, they can really help. Getting your loved one into a routine can help with their memory so, having someone to help them until this routine is embedded can make you feel much more confident. 


Loss of interest in hobbies


One clear sign that something could be wrong is if your loved one no longer wants to participate in their favourite activities or hobbies. Losing interest or feeling like they are no longer able to enjoy the things they love is a sign to look out for. 


If this is the case for your parents then, home respite services can be a great solution. There is no denying that you might not have time to handle all of the important parts of their life let along also getting them out and about to enjoy activities. So, respite services will provide you with a friendly face who will be able to spend some time with your loved one doing the things they love. There are many different respite services available and you will be able to find one that works best for both you and your loved one.  


How Safehands Live-in Care can help 


Noticing any of the things mentioned above can be worrying but, don’t panic, there are incredible professional companies here to assist you. You don’t have to handle this situation by yourself, Safehands Live-in Care can ensure that your loved one is getting the support that they need whilst keeping their independence. 


When searching for a company that provides carers at home for your elderly relatives or friends that you can trust, turn to the amazing team at Safehands Live-in Care. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to them for assistance, no matter what level of support you require they will do all they can to provide you with a perfect solution. 

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