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Providing a higher level of care and competence is what we do here at Safehands Live In Care. Our team of experienced professionals are committed to providing quality care and companionship to our elderly clients throughout the UK. Our personalised care and support packages ensure that our clients receive the assistance they need in their homes which can give them more independence and a feeling of safety and comfort they won’t find in a residential care home.
Safehands Live In Care is a trusted live in care provider in Shropshire with a “Good” rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Being a locally owned and operated live in care agency means that our clients can get the assistance they need any time day or night. We pride ourselves on embracing the ideas of companion, personal care ans support and medication help, as well as aiding those with complex care needs including through stroke, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Parkinson’s and much more.

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What Is Live In Care?

You might be asking yourself just what is live in care? The concept of live in care is actually quite simple. Clients live in the comfort of their own homes with a trained live in carer who attends to their daily needs. From cooking and tidying up, to ensuring prescription medications are taken properly and at the correct time. A live in carer is available 24/7 except for required breaks.
Live in care in Shropshire is becoming more and more popular with today’s elderly who want the comfort and familiarity of home, but the independence they might be lacking to age, mobility or medical restrictions. As we grow older, we often find ourselves challenged by our daily activities. We might need just a little extra help to achieve these tasks and a live in carer in Shropshire can help. By providing 24/7 assistance and companionship, our carers dramatically increase our clients quality of life.
Live in care in Shropshire also ensures continuity of care which can be important to our clients’ daily routines.

How Is Live In Care Different?

Live in care offers many distinct advantages over other forms of elder care including residential care homes. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

Some examples of when families may use Shropshire live in care include:

Clients Currently Receiving Hourly Visiting Care
Shropshire live in care offers 24/7 professional care provided by a trained and experienced Safehands carer. With domiciliary care, you receive sporadic care provided by a different person each time and the cost of this care can be extremely expensive when compared to live in care. Additionally, more visits means increased costs and sleepover night care might be required which can further increase pricing.
Conversely, with Shropshire live in care, you get personalised one-to-one care from two carers, both on a weekly rotating basis. This also ensures much stronger relationships between carer and client.
In Home Instead Care for Couples
Couples will find live in care in Shropshire to be more convenient and affordable. While receiving care in their own home can be mentally and physically therapeutic, one of the biggest advantages of live in care is price. Residential care homes require couples to pay for two beds even though they only sleep in one. This increase in cost can make residential care prohibitive for many couples forcing them to live apart.
Shropshire Hospital Discharge
New healthcare regulations require higher levels of in home care before elderly patients are discharged from the hospital. When you choose Safehands Live In Care, that care is already in place and our local management care team will work laterally with the hospital and discharge nurses.
Specialist Care Needs
For those with complex care needs including through stroke, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Parkinson’s and much more, Safehands Live In Care provides specialist care services. This is important as these clients’ needs typically change as their condition progresses and 24 hour care in your own home can change as needed to effectively meet those needs.
Elderly Falls Prevention
Falls are one of the leading causes of hospitalisation for the elderly. This is a result of being left alone in their homes when they have difficulty with mobility or balance. With live in care, a professionally trained live in carer is on hand to assist clients with their everyday activities and help reduce the risk of slip and falls. In the event of an accident, a live in carer can provide immediate first aid and contact emergency services for assistance.
How Do I Arrange Live In Care In Shropshire?
Our easy 4-step procedure will help you arrange live in care in Shropshire quickly and conveniently.
Step 1. Contact Our Shropshire Local Team
Call our local team and speak with a knowledgeable Safehands Live In Care representative who can explain our services in detail and help you decide if live in care is right for you.
Step 2. Care Assessment
A Home Care Assessment will be conducted by a Safehands Live In Care local home care manager.
Step 3. Create Care Plan
After gathering the necessary information, a tailored care plan based on that information will be developed.
Step 4. Carer Matching
Finally, a Safehands Live In Care local home care manager will choose a suitable team of live in carers and introduce you and your family to them before your care begins. Our local care management team will provide care monitoring as well as weekly care visits to ensure the happiness of the client and the live in carer.
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