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Safehands offers a live-in care service in England, we serve the Buckinghamshire area and provide a quality live-in care service that is trustworthy and fully comprehensive. Live-in care comes with the obvious major benefit that people can choose to stay within their own home whilst receiving care. This care environment is comfortable and familiar. Our Buckinghamshire live-in care service provides for the complex and unique requirements of each individual and can be tailored around unique or special needs.
As a trusted live-in care provider in the UK, we’ve received a rating of “Good” by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This is evidence of our dedication to supplying high-quality care for a variety of adults – we can look after adults with complex needs and administer personal care and medication as well as emotional support. Our carers are trained to look after those who suffer from a wide spectrum of conditions. For example, we can support those with Parkinson’s or other neurodegenerative disease, multiple sclerosis and dementia amongst others.
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What Does Live-in Care Entail?

Live in carers provide 24-hour care at home. This differs from carers who only come in on shifts, perhaps frequently daily or less frequently throughout the week. Since 24-hour carers are always on hand to provide care, they offer peace of mind, trust and sanctitude. Live-in care in Buckinghamshire provided by Safehands is a quality and trusted option for this form of 24-hour care. We’re dedicated to our role and we understand that live-in care must go beyond serving the basic needs of those being cared for. Our carers, therefore, offer friendship and companionship to help alleviate loneliness.
24-hour care can provide for the elderly or for those suffering from various conditions or disease. Not only does 24-hour care provide the assurance that someone is always on hand to assist, it also ensures for continuity of care, both emotionally and medically.

The Key Differences of Live-in Care

Live-in care is distinct from normal care primarily since the carer stays with the client in their own home. This comes with many medical and emotional benefits. The basics are covered, e.g. our carers can administer medications and provide personal care but Safehands live-in care in Buckinghamshire goes beyond this to offer emotional support in addition to standard care. Loneliness can be a big issue with other forms of care, live-in care enables clients to stay in their homes whilst spending time around another person.
Safehands’ care plans are tailored specifically to patient and familiar needs. We’ll work out and schedule various routines which you are happy with. Whether we’re working towards specific healthcare outcomes or otherwise, we’ll work with you to form a care plan you can fully trust.
Since our care is locally managed, we provide extra levels of quality control and assurances for our service. Management teams and supervisors will do unannounced visits to conduct checks, checking whether appropriate support and care is being administered properly and on-time.
Live-in care in Buckinghamshire is affordable compared to residential care homes. Live-in care is ideal for many situations where residential care is unaffordable, unwanted or otherwise inappropriate.

Read on for some examples of when live-in care is best suited:

Those Who Receive Hourly Care
Hourly care is a common form of home care. This involves hourly visits from either care-work agencies or social services. Here, costs can rise considerably if care needs intensify or become more regular, thus causing more carers to attend more regularly. In this scenario, 24-hour care at home can become more cost-effective given its added benefits. Furthermore, where sleepover care is provided by other care agencies or social services, prices can rise considerably. 24-hour care provides an all-in-one service where carers live together with the client.
For 24-hour care, UK live in care services like ours, we may often use 2 carers who spend a week each in the property on rotating basis. This regularity allows for bonds and relationships to build with the client.
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Home Live-in Care for Couples

Live-in care in Buckinghamshire with Safehands is very well suited to couples. The cost of residential care for couples can be considerable since you’ll be paying for larger rooms or 2 beds. Live-in care provides the pivotal benefit that couples can live together in their own home. The familiarity of this environment may be incomparable to a care home. Not only are the benefits massive, but the savings are also considerable and therefore, live-in care represents one of the best care choices for couples living at their homes.
Live-in Care After Hospital Discharge
Post-hospital discharge, relying on a care service that is entirely reliable and sustainable from a financial point of view is vital. Our Buckinghamshire live-in care service can manage care post-hospital discharge, formulating a care plan which meets health-care goals and outcomes for the client. Beginning your 24-hour care at home plan will first involve a full assessment of client needs which can happen in conjunction with healthcare professionals within the hospital the client will be discharged from.
Specialised Live in Care
Our live-in care service can provide unique and specialised care to those suffering from complex conditions. These may include dementia, conditions induced by stroke or Parkinson’s disease. Here, live-in care can retain the familiar environment and freedom of home life whilst catering to a client’s unique needs 24/7. This is often far preferred to residential care. Since our carers live with the client, they can build emotional bonds. The relationships formed through live-in care are invaluable to the wellbeing of the client.
Elderly Fall Prevention
Falls are one of the leading causes of hospital admission in the elderly. Falls can have knock-on impacts on health. Live-in care provides a major benefit through falls being lessened. A live-in carer in Buckinghamshire will try to safeguard the client throughout the day , hence lessening the risk of falls. This further helps clients live in their own home with a lowered risk of accidents. If a fall or other accident was to occur, a live-in carer is also much better placed to alert for medical attention.
How Do I Organise Live in Care in Buckinghamshire?
Talk to Safehands
Safehands are always on hand to answer requests and queries about live-in care in England. We are available on our local number – 0203 417 0090 – or on our London headquarters number (0208 617 8113). Our team of care professionals and representatives are always happy to help.
Assessing your home care needs
Once you’ve contacted Safehands, we will assess your home needs and live-in care requirements. This will involve the local care manager in Buckinghamshire visiting your home or property to chat to you and discuss your care requirements and expectations.
Making a personal care plan
Post-assessment, we will formulate a comprehensive care plan. This will be itemised in terms of routine and unique support needs and will be tailored to the client. We will work with you to establish a care plan you are totally happy with.
Matching you up with your live-in carer
Lastly, we will find the best live-in carers in Buckinghamshire to carry out your 24-hour live-in care plan. This will involve a personal face-to-face introduction. Please bear in mind that our care team are always happy to answer questions and queries surrounding your care plan. Our local team will also constantly be on hand to assess your care and address any changing requirements or needs.
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.
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