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Essex Live In Care Services

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Essex Live In Care Services

With a Good CQC rating, we’re a reliable live in care provider in the UK, with our carers offering a wide variety of Essex live in care service solutions. From supplying friendship and companionship to those who need it most ,to assisting with provision of medication and personal care, our skilled carers are even able to provide specialist support for people with complex conditions like Parkinson’s, dementia or MS.
24 hour care at home

What Is Live In Care?

With 24-hour home care, older couples and elderly singles can carry on with independent living in the comfort of their own property. Meanwhile, they and their families can be confident that there is 24-hour care available from a trained professional should help be required. As an added benefit, this service brings more continuity since the professional carer will live with their client each week, making companionship a major selling part of this service.
Live in care differs from other types of care in several ways. The professional carer will provider 24-hour care at home for their client, meeting all their needs in an environment in which they feel safe and comfortable.
Live in care in Essex ensures that, whether a client needs assistance during the day or through the night, they will have someone on hand for support. Therefore, it’s such a good alternative to going into residential care.

How Is Live In Care Different?

There are numerous advantages to opting for live in care instead of hourly care at home or residential care facilities. Loved ones can continue living their familiar lifestyle in known surroundings – something which is especially vital for anyone living with dementia.
We tailor 24-hour care at home to the unique requirements of your family. We always develop a care plan which is tailored to meet your regular routines as well as any outcomes that you are keen to achieve.
Our live-in care in Essex is a little different when compared to the services offered by many UK care providers. We offer full quality assurance, management, and support from local offices and a local care management team that carries out regular support visits to make sure that both carers and clients are completely happy.
Live in care in Essex represents one of the most cost-effective alternatives to going into a residential care home. This is particularly the case for elderly couples since there will be no need to pay for each partner to have a bed in a nursing home.

Live In Care Services In Essex

Our Live In Care Packages are specifically designed for:

Clients Currently Having Hourly Visiting Care At Home

For those who receive domiciliary at home care on an hourly basis, it is often preferable to opt for 24-hour care at home rather than using a care agency or social service carers. When your loved one needs multiple visits during the day or night, several carers naturally become involved in their care and this increases costs substantially. If care during the night which involves a carer sleeping over is also needed, the cost of care will rise even more substantially. Often, live in care is always cheaper option.
This not only guarantees better care continuity but also helps carers and clients to forge a positive relationship

Caring For Couples In Their Home

Live in care in Essex can be perfect for elder couples who both need support or one of whom needs some extra assistance. Senior couples will be able to stay living together within their familiar surroundings but with a fully trained carer nearby who can offer help with everything from medication help and personal care to support with domestic tasks. It’s easy to see how live in care for couples is much cheaper than a nursing home since the costs are only relating to a single carer while in care homes, it’s necessary to pay out for two beds.

Care After A Hospital Discharge

If an older person is to be discharged from the hospital after treatment, it’s important to ensure there is sustainable and safe care in place for them. With Safehands Essex live in care, it’s possible to help older patients to manage their hospital discharge with an assessment being carried out both at home and in hospital and full liaison taking place with the hospital team.

Guarding Against Falls

Older people are especially susceptible to falls which can result in hospital admission. However, if they have a live-in carer in Essex who has been professionally trained and who is on hand 24/7, the chance of a fall is significantly lowered. Also, in the event of a client falling and needing medical care, they can alert medical professionals immediately to guard against a serious problem or hospital admission.

Live In Care In Essex

Providing Specialist Care

Whenever an elderly person lives with challenging medical conditions like dementia, a full-time live in carer can be the most appropriate way of helping provide specialist support when compared with relocating to residential care. By offering 24 hour care in their own home, there is better continuity of provision and the service delivery is much more personalised.

Carer Giver's Duties

Our carers make sure that the client’s daily routine is maintained and that they are able to lead an independent lifestyle. Our respite care package includes personal care (bathing, dressing, washing, combing hair), light housekeeping (cleaning, dusting, sweeping, washing up), fresh meal preparation, companion, assisting with medicines, accompanying during important meetings and social gatherings and others.

Reliable and Compassionate Carers

Our experienced, qualified staff are equipped to support a wide range of care requirement – all the while adhering our high ethnical and professional conduct, ensuring service users are treated with the utmost respect and diginity at all times.

All our carers:

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