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We’re one of the most trusted live in care providers in the UK and have received a Good rating from the Care Quality Commission. Our Hampshire live in care service covers all aspects of at home care from help with personal care and medication right through to friendship and companionship. We also support those who have complex needs and who suffer from conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease or dementia.
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What Does the Term Live in Care Really Mean?

When a carer lives with their client offering 24-hour care at home. The professional carer is always on hand to meet their client’s needs both night and day, whenever necessary.
Live in care in Hampshire represents one of the top alternatives when compared to relocating to a nursing home. Having a live in carer means that those with additional needs can stay at home, confident in the knowledge their needs will be met.
Elderly people can benefit from 24-hour home care since they can carry on living independently in their own property with a trained professional at home to assist whenever some additional support is necessary.
Elder live in care also ensures that older people have more continuity in their care. The carer lives with their client throughout the week, helping to develop strong friendships as a major element of this service.
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.

Are There Any Differences With Live in Care?

When compared with hourly care at home or living in a nursing home, live in care offers a host of benefits. Loved ones can carry on living in their familiar surroundings and enjoying the lifestyle they have become accustomed to.
The care plan is always tailored to suit the different needs of every client, and is developed around daily routines as well as the outcomes that you need to achieve.
Our local live in care in Hampshire is different to services offered by other UK care providers. Our care is managed by local offices who also assure quality of provision. Our local care management teams does unannounced visits to ensure the support being given to the client is suitable and that both parties are happy.
Live in care in Hampshire is an affordable solution, especially compared to the cost of residential care. Couples especially can benefit as they would need to pay out for two beds if they went into a care home.
Some good examples of using Hampshire live in care are as follows:
Clients In Receipt Of Hourly At Home Visiting Care
Many families whose loved ones are receiving at home care on an hourly basis from either social services or a care agency worker often come to the decision that 24-hour care at home represents a more cost effective and suitable option. If numerous daily visits are needed, several carers become involved with the care plan and the costs rise, often to a level which is higher than that charged for live in care.
If sleepover care during the night is also required, the care costs also rapidly increase. A UK live in care service like ours offers the advantage of care from just two rotating carers who work for one week each, alternately. This gives more continuity in the care plan while allowing strong and positive relationships to grow between carers and clients.
Providing At Home Care for Couples
Our live-in care in Hampshire service can be invaluable for older couples who either both require care or just one needs a little extra support at home. With live in care, elderly couples are enabled to stay together and enjoy living in their own home but with the reassurance of a carer living with them to offer domestic support, medication assistance and help with personal care. This also represents a major saving in costs versus the expense of residential care, with no need to pay for two beds in a care home.
Discharge From The Hospital
When elderly patients are being discharged from the hospital, it’s important to have proper care in place which is not only safe but also sustainable. With our Hampshire live in care team on board, it’s possible to arrange a managed hospital discharge, with our team carrying out a comprehensive assessment of needs both in the home and in hospital as well as liaising with the healthcare team on the ward.
Handling Special Care Needs
If an elderly person has a complex condition like Parkinson’s Disease or dementia, or if they require some specialist support to take their medication, live in care in England on a full time basis could be the most effective solution when compared with domiciliary care. It’s usually a preferable solution to moving into a nursing home or residential care facility since there is better care continuity provided by live in carers. There is also a more personalised service as well as a more genuine relationship which can be formed between the carer and their client.
Preventing Falls From Occurring
One serious cause of poor health and admission to hospital when it comes to older people is falls. If a live-in carer in Hampshire is always present , they can have a major role to play in safeguarding against the possibility of falls while ensuring that the client is able to continue living safely in their own home. Live in carers can also raise an alarm rapidly should their client fall and need medical attention urgently. This helps to guard against serious events such as admission to hospital.
I Want To Arrange Live in Care in Hampshire – What Do I Do Next?
Step One – Speak To The Safehands Team
If you’re ready to arrange your live-in care in England, contact Safehands now. We can be reached on our local number, which is 0203 417 0090 or on our London headquarters number (0208 617 8113). Alternatively, if you’d rather arrange a call back, just click here. We have an expert, friendly team who can talk about all your requirements and options with you.
Assessing your home care needs
After you contact us, the home care manager in the Hampshire area will make a convenient appointment to visit your home or your care setting to assess your needs and address your queries.
Creating your personal care plan
Once your assessment is complete, the information will be summarised in your personal care plan. This will identify all the individual support you require.
Matching you up with your live in carer
Finally, we will match you up with the best live in carers in Hampshire to carry out your personal care plan. We’ll arrange for an introduction and then your care can begin. Remember that our care management team are also always contactable and can offer you support as well as constant monitoring of your care.
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.
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