Why People Are Choosing Live-In Care Over Care Homes

These days, it is becoming more common for people to look into live-in care rather than automatically turning to a care home or a nursing home. There is no denying that these homes have been a great choice for many elderly people who need support over the years but, in today’s modern age, is live-in care a better option?

This is probably a question you have been asking if you have a loved one that needs support and you probably feel under a lot of pressure to make the right decision in this regard. If you would like to find out more about live-in care and why people are choosing this type of care over traditional care home, keep reading today. Safe Hands Live-In Care have looked into this topic in more detail. 

Avoiding change and staying at home 

One of the most frequently discussed reasons why people choose live-in care over a care home is so that their loved one can stay in the comfort of their own home. Change can be difficult at all stages of life and it goes without saying that the majority of people will be firmly set in their ways and not wanting to uproot their life at this late stage of life. 

When you choose live-in home care, your elderly relative’s daily life can stay much the same, they will simply have extra support. They can follow their standard routine and do the things they want to do when they want to but, you will have the peace of mind that there is someone there helping them whenever help is needed. Of course, because they’re in their own home, you can also visit as frequently as you’d like and, family and friends can come and go as normal. 

Personal one-to-one care 

Another reason why people openly choose live-in care is due to the fact that their loved ones will be receiving one-to-one care. In a traditional care home, even if they are fully staffed, the carers will need to split their time and attention between multiple residents. Of course, the staff will work shifts too so, it won’t always be the same person helping your loved one. 

If you opt for live-in care, you can feel comfortable knowing that the carer looking after them will completely dedicate themselves to them. Companionship is such a huge part of live-in care too and the carer isn’t just there for physical or medical support, they are there for emotional support as well. Many home carers become more like friends and whether it’s watching TV together or sharing days out, they are also there as a companion. 

Ensuring your money is well spent

This reason isn’t as openly spoken about but, of course, money is always a factor when it comes to care. Even though you want to give your loved one the high-quality care they deserve, you will probably have a budget. Thankfully, live-in care provides you with multiple options at different price points. 

When people look into different types of care, live-in care prices usually shock people. Contrary to popular belief, home care is typically cheaper than going into a traditional care home. Your loved one can receive flexible care that is built around their needs, for a similar price to a bed in a care home. For couples that need additional care, live-in care is significantly cheaper than two rooms in a care home.

Arranging live-in care for your loved one

All in all, it is clear to see why so many people these days are turning to live-in care instead of going down the traditional route of a care home. If you think that this personalised care is more suited to your loved one and you would like to find a live-in carer that you can trust, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Safe Hands Live-In Care

As an experienced live-in care agency, we understand the importance of independent living and how much a live-in carer can change someone’s life for the better. All of our carers strive to make a positive change to people’s day-to-day life and you can trust that we are not only completely trained, but also passionate about the care that they provide too. 

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