Testimonial | Safehands Live In Care Agency

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What Our Client Says

Having tried three different care agencies before finding Safehands – I would easily say it’s the best live-in care we’ve had for my elderly mother. The carers are hardworking, honest, respectful, tolerant and they really take good care of my mother. Her nutritional needs are met with good food and ...

JO- CEO Falcon

Safehands carers and support staff have enabled my father to live well during the development of his dementia for over five years. The carers have lived beside him, considering and understanding not only his health needs but his overall wellbeing. They have been dedicated, kind, compassionate, intelligent and skilled in ...

Claire- CEO Falcon

I arranged a live in carer for my 95 year old friend. Easter 2020 my friend was taken ill and had to go into hospital. It became apparent that she could no longer look after herself. Social services arranged for her to go into a care home. She was not ...

Dorothy- CEO Falcon