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Safehands Live In Care Specialists in providing 24 Hour Care in your own Home Tailored to Your Needs

Safehands Norfolk Live in care

Safehands deliver a live-in care service in Norfolk England to adults in their own home. This enables them to continue living at home while enjoying a familiar lifestyle, without limitations.

The Care Quality Commission – CQC – has recognized us as a reliable live-in care provider in the UK, ranking our provision as “Good”. Our Norfolk live-in care service exemplifies this, delivering a full package of care, including specialist support when required for complex cases including Parkinson’s, dementia, strokes, and Multiple Sclerosis. Along with this, is a consistent provision of comprehensive services which range from friendship and companionship to personal care and assistance with medication.

Understanding Live-in Care

Another way to describe live-in care is 24-hour care at home, a type of set-up where the carer moves into the client’s own home to make sure they are able to support every need during both day and night, as required.
Live-in care in Norfolk is on the rise and increasingly being preferred to moving to a care home. This type of 24-hour care allows individuals to remain in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of their own home, while still having their needs met as they change. Both individuals and couples can benefit from 24-hour home care as it is a way of providing the elderly with a way of continuing to live independently for as long as possible. Having the peace of mind of knowing that a fully trained carer is close by is very reassuring for many.
Although the service includes many complex tasks, at the heart of it is a true friendship between the professional carer and client. Living together provides the opportunity for companionship and allows a good relationship to develop in a way that other types of care do not offer.

Is Live in Care Different?

Hourly care at home or residential care homes are two options that can be considered but live-in care offers many advantages. Clients can continue living in their own home without disruption of their lifestyle; this can be vital for those with dementia. When a client chooses 24-hour care at home they’ll receive an individual care plan tailored to suit their care needs. Existing routines and lifestyle are factored in, together with any personal outcomes.
At Safehands, we are unlike many other of the UK care providers. This is because our local offices manage, support and quality assure the live-in care in Norfolk. This type of structure means that we have a team locally who can carry out weekly visits to make sure everyone is happy, and the arrangement is working properly.
Compared to residential homes, live-in care in Norfolk is very cost-effective. This is particularly the case for couples who would have to find the funds to pay for two places in a nursing home or care home.

Reasons why families choose live-in care in Norfolk

Following hospital discharge
A hospital can only discharge an elderly patient with care needs if there is a suitable plan in place which is comprehensive and sustainable. Our Norfolk live-in care professionals can deliver this level of support, helping to facilitate a managed return home after a hospital stay. In each case, a detailed care plan will be drawn up after liaising with the professionals at the hospital and carrying out an assessment on the individual pre-discharge.
When visiting care is not viable
Also known as domiciliary care, hourly home care can be upgraded to 24-hour care at home (care in your own home) by a care agency or social services. This can often prove to be the preferable option when the number of visits every day mean the cost is equivalent to – or even higher than – live-in care.
The cost of hourly care can be quite high when night care is required. Our UK live-in care service, just like some others, offers 1:1 care from a pair of carers who work on a four-week rotation. This enables real continuity of care to be delivered and means strong friendships can be forged.
Care in the home for couples
Whether it’s an elderly individual living alone, a couple that both need support or an elderly couple where only one person has care needs, our live-in care in Norfolk can help. By offering this type of care plan, older couples can continue to live together in their own setting, something that’s very important to many. The carer can provide help with all types of tasks from domestic chores right through to medication and personal care. The cost of having live-in care is far less compared to residential care, especially for those where two beds for a couple would be necessary.
Stopping slips and falls
Among the elderly, slips and falls can be catastrophic leading to serious ill-health or hospital admissions. Having a professional as a live-in carer in Norfolk can create a much safer home environment and guard against any falls from occurring. If any trips or falls do happen, having a carer close by allows help to be obtained very quickly, reducing the chance of complications or hospital treatment being necessary.
Supporting individuals with specialist care
Full-time live-in care in England can be the best option for individuals with more complex needs, such as those who require medication assistance or who are living with dementia or Parkinson’s. 24-hour care in your own home can be more efficient than domiciliary care and prevents the need to move into a residential nursing home. With an allotted carer working closely with the individual in their own home, the care plan becomes far more personal and meets the needs better while also allowing a true friendship to flourish.

Arranging live-in care in Norfolk

Before the care plan takes effect, we’ll match you with the best live-in carers in Norfolk who we think will be the most suitable. You’ll be introduced before the plan begins and the local office will continue to oversee all your care and remain available at any time.
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