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Providing professional and friendly live in carers for the elderly and young adults 24 hour care at home throughout the UK. A trained, caring and trustworthy live in carers is able to move into your home to provide care, companion & support 24/7, allowing you to remain independent while in the comfort of your own home.

Why Live In Carers In Your Own Home?

Live in carer or live in caregiver can help you or a loved one when they start to gets older, long-term health problems, disabilities, and illness may start to become unmanageable without assistance. Day-to-day life can seem daunting and going into facilities or homes may be costly as well as detrimental to a sufferer’s self-esteem and mental well-being. However, a live-in carer can help relieve all of these issues.

If you are looking for something that is both more cost-effective and better for yourself or a loved one, live-in care will provide care and support that families can rely on and trust, while still affording their loved ones an independent life as possible. Helping Eliminating stress, worry, and confusion for everyone involved, live-in care promotes better health and well-being for yourself and your loved ones.

Experienced Live In Caregivers

At Safehands Live In Care, we have an experienced group of Live In Carers that are based in the UK. A varied database of reliable carers allows us to match you with a carer based on your care needs and interests.
Whether you are looking for a live-in carer for short-term care or something that requires a more hands-on approach such as Parkinson’s, MS, Alzheimer’s, and dementia, Safehands live-in carers are trained and well versed in helping yourself/loved ones to maintain their independence without sacrificing on care.
professional carers
Safehands’ live-in care services will ensure that your family member or loved one not only receives expert care but does so in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Each care package is tailor-made to suit each individual’s specific care needs and offers the very best quality one-on-one companionship and care round the clock.

What are the duties of a live in caregiver?

The purpose of having a live in carer is to assist with daily living and helping your loved ones live as independently as possible. Our professionally trained live in carers aid with duties such as maintaining personal hygiene, completing household chores, and preparing meals to ensure the best quality of life. Carers can also accompany your loved ones when outdoors doing hobbies or on trips.

The duties of a Live In Carer can include:


Get support and advice

Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs

Conditions We Care For

Passionate Caregiver

We understand the importance of professionalism, safety, and security in our industry, and we only employ carers who are deeply passionate about caring for other people and have a genuine love and passion for their work. Years of experience in the care industry have helped us to understand that a change of environment is usually not beneficial to any older person/ persons with disabilities as it can ultimately lead to loneliness, anxiety, and in some extreme cases clinical depression. This is not unusual, especially for older adults that are prone to age-related illnesses and health concerns

Why Choose Safehands?

When you choose a Safehands live-in Carer, you are choosing a carer that has not only professionally trained but matched your loved one’s personality. This is to make sure that your loved one / yourself feel comfortable with their live-in carers, are able to connect and form bonds. We provide ongoing support to our clients and staff. All our carers have up-to-date training and qualifications. We supervise and support our carers so that they provide the highest standard of care.
Every live in carer in the UK that we hire has to meet several requirements.

At Safehands Live In Care all our carers are:

How much does live in carer cost?

With every client having a specific set of needs and requirements, it is impossible to determine the cost of a live in carer based on a one size fits all system. Although the cost of live in care can vary, all our bespoke care packages have a base starting price of £699.00 per week.

How much does live in care cost?

palliative care home
With every client having a specific set of needs and requirements, it is impossible to determine the cost of a live in carer based on a one size fits all system. Although the cost of live in care can vary, all our bespoke care packages have a base starting price of £650 per week.

The Best Value In the Industry

All our care package prices are dependent on a number of features such as care needs and requirements. This is to ensure that clients aren’t charged more for the services they require. Because of this, Safehands Live In Care offers the most competitive prices in the industry whilst maintaining a high standard.

Safehands Live In Care
Other Live In Care Providers
On average you save 40% a week by choosing Safehands Live In Care

How does Live In Care Work?

There are so many benefits of having a live-in carer. Not only is it more cost-efficient than nursing homes, but it also offers a personal, hands-on service that these facilities don’t offer. Here is a breakdown of how live-in care works and what you gaining from using our award-winning service.
Live-in care service involves not one carer, but a pair of carers, who alternate and therefore provide around-the-clock service that is friendly, reliable, and secure. Providing companionship in the comfort of their home means that you or your loved one is able to retain their independence.
How live-in care hours work is that carers, having their own bedroom, live in the homes of our clients for up to seven days of the week.
Whether you need help with domestic activities, personal care, or companionship with social activities, our live-in carers are always there to help in a discreet and respectful way. This allows individuals and couples to feel comfortable in their own space, and to continue living their lives surrounded by familiar people and neighborhoods.
Our live-in care services offer the kind of care that comes from close 24 hour service and will ensure you or your loved one gets the quality of service that is needed and deserved. For information please visit our Live in care services
It goes without saying that all our live in carers are highly skilled and have substantial experience and knowledge in the care industry. We do our best to make sure that you get the most professional candidate available at all times.
In addition, a 24-hour live in care from Safehands is passionate about helping people and bringing change to their lives. All of our live in carers are emphatic, friendly, and open to learning. We 100% focus on the customer’s needs!
Our team can care for people with dementia, Parkinson’s, or cancer and many other illnesses and disabilities; such as Alzheimer’s, learning disability, Down’s syndrome, and autism.

Arranging your Care

In order that you receive the best possible care plan, individually tailored to your needs, our team of carers follow a dedicated, stringent policy to make sure that all aspects of needs and requirements are met and that you get the highest standard of treatment and care, whether you require disability care, supported live-in care or a hospital to home treatment plan.
A member of our team will come out to see you in your home for an informal appointment and to discuss your options. This is free of charge and there will be no obligation to take up a package with us should you decide it is not the right choice for you. During this appointment, your needs and requirements are discussed and also factors like the frequency of visits, whether or not you require someone to live in and any special considerations we might need to take into account.
Once this meeting has taken place and you’re happy to proceed, the next stage is a health and safety assessment of your accommodation to ensure it meets the required standards for both you and our staff. We will send you a copy of our terms and conditions, and also aim to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You will also be issued with a Service User Pack which contains all the paperwork you and your carers will need to make sure every aspect of your care is thought about and given consideration.
Just let us know if you have any special requirements such as dietary needs, or if you perhaps need an interpreter or someone to help with another language. We can always try and match you to a carer with more specialised experience in these cases.
We know that taking the step to live in care can be a difficult one. We will support you every step of the way and there will always be someone to talk to should you need it.
We will seek to:

Our Services

Safehands Live In Care offer a range of services to care for your loved ones in the comfort and familiarity of their own home

Personal and Companionship Care

Our Live In Carers provide services to support with daily activities such as washing and dressing while also doubling as a companion.

Dementia and Alzheimer's Care

At Safehands all our carers are trained to care for dementia patients in the familiarity of their own home to the highest standard

Palliative Care

Our palliative care service allows your loved ones to live their final days in the peace of their own home doing the things they love most

Respite Care

Convalescent Care

Couples Care

Benefits of private live in care:

We all know, there is no place like home. It’s that safe place we can rest and go about our day. It is a sanctuary of safety that we cannot live without and as we grow older, these comforts become more and more important. The problem arises when we, or a loved one, reaches an age where we start to need help doing even the most basic of chores around the house. How then do we cope with this devastating reality and what are the benefits of live-in care?
In the past, nursing homes were considered a viable option, with so many families still opting to move their loved ones into homes because people are unaware that there is a far better option. Unfortunately the magnitude of that move can be catastrophic to yourself or loved one . The strangeness of the place, having to deal with changing staff, and the loss of the comforts one gets from having a room that feels like home, results in so many of the elderly developing depression which plays havoc on their health and wellbeing.
It is no surprise then, that so many elderly experience far more joy, better care and less health issues when instead they are given a chance to experience all the benefits that live-in care provides: Professional care, all in the comfort of their home, surrounded by their personal things in the space they feel safe in. And ultimately offering the possibility of being able to stay somewhere familiar, in the neighbourhood they call home and still get the care they need.
Safehands Care is not just any Live-In Care service, it’s a live-in service you can trust. Our health care workers are friendly, professional and offer all the benefits of a care setting within the home. Whether you need someone for short term or long term, with our supportive, caring staff, families can be rest assured that their loved ones are looked after within the specification of their loved ones needs
We understand the stress, worry and concern a family feels when faced with an elderly member who is now in need of assisted care. That is why we build our services around providing live-in care that allows those members to be able to stay in familiar, comforting environments and get to go about their daily routines as normally as possible. We provide quality care and security so that families are worry-free and our elderly clients are safe and comfortable in their own home 24/7.

It is the care that you deserve

A care assessment is carried out prior to a care package being put in place to ensure you or your loved one receives care that is tailored to your needs. We at Safehands recognise that

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