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Safehands live in care Warwickshire in England offers unparalleled live in care for the elderly. With a wide range of affordable live in care packages, our clients enjoy a higher standard of living in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.
As one of the UK’s most trusted live in care providers, Safehands Live In Care is also the only locally owned and operated live in care agencies that offer true local support for our clients and their families. That means that no matter what time of day or night, the assistance you, or your elderly loved one, needs is always available. With a “Good” rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and our exclusive commitment to quality, service and value, our Warwickshire live in care service is the perfect complement to your active lifestyle. From companionship, friendship and personal care, to the medication assistance you need, you can count on Safehands Live In Care Warwickshire to help you live your life without limits!
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What Is Live In Care?

Live in care, often called 24 hour care at home, is an alternative to expensive residential care living. With live in care, you get a personal carer living in your home to assist you with daily activities, medical and prescription dosing needs and anything else you need to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life. Live in care means that your needs are met day or night and you get increased continuity of care which enables you to build a strong, sustainable relationship with your carers based on trust and mutual respect.
Live in care in Warwickshire is growing in popularity as the costs of residential care continues to increase with no end in sight. You get the help you need and you can live comfortably and independently in your own home where you can relax with family, friends and neighbours.

How Is Live In Care Different?

There are many important differences between live in care and residential home care with the first being cost. Residential care homes are much more expensive than live in care and provide less personalised care. Additionally, with residential home care, couples are forced to pay for two beds, thus increasing the costs.
With live in care, you live in your own home, you receive personalised care 24 hours a day and you enjoy the companionship of a dedicated team of carers who are focused on your needs. This is especially important for dementia patients who require more familiarity in their daily lives.
Custom Tailored
Another benefit of 24-hour care at home is that it is custom tailored to each client’s individual needs. That means every aspect of your care is covered and a live in carer will be there for you when you need them.
Safehands Live In Care offers local live in care in Warwickshire which is something that most live in care providers here in the UK don’t offer. Our management team and offices are local which ensures a higher quality of care.
Cost Effective
Live in care in Warwickshire is much more cost-effective when compared to residential care homes or other elder care options.
Some examples of when families may use Warwickshire live in care include:
Clients Currently Receiving Hourly Visiting Care
Clients receiving hourly home care often find that live in care offers more flexibility, a higher level of care and is much more cost effective. Instead of daily or hourly visits, you get 24/7 care and companionship from a trained and knowledgeable in home carer.
When you factor in the additional costs of sleepover night care and the lack of a truly personalised care plan, the obvious choice for many is the one-to-one care provided by Safehands Live In Care Warwickshire.
Home Care For Couples
Live in care in Warwickshire is also available to elderly couples which makes caring for one, or both, people much more efficient. It is also more cost effective than a residential care home which now requires couples to purchase two beds, even if they are in the same space.
Hospital Discharge
Hospital discharge for elderly patients recovering from an illness or injury requires an appropriate level of care in the home. This is where our Warwickshire live in care team comes in. With direct contact with the hospital discharge team, ward manager, nurses, doctors and specialists, we can ensure that you have the proper level of home care to continue the healing process.
Specialist Care Needs
Safehands Live In Care Warwickshire provides specialist care for clients with complex conditions such as dementia or Parkinson’s. Full-time live in care in England is preferred by both doctors and clients’ families over an institutional care home or nursing home facility. Clients get more personalised care and the opportunity to build important client / carer relationships.
Elderly Falls Prevention
A Safehands Live In carer can help prevent falls and many other accidents which often lead to ill-health and hospital admissions amongst the elderly. With a professionally trained live in carer in Warwickshire in the home 24 hours a day, falls can be reduced greatly and accidents that do require emergency medical attention can be handled more efficiently preventing serious injury.
How Do I Arrange Live In Care In Warwickshire?
Speak To Our Local Team
To arrange live in care in Warwickshire, simply contact Safehands Live In Care on 0203 417 0090 (Local number) or 0208 617 8113 (Head Office London) today and speak with a representative who can explain our services and schedule a home care assessment.
Home Care Assessment
A home care assessment is scheduled and a local home care manager will visit you in your home and answer any questions you have about live in care in Warwickshire and how we create a personalised care plan.
Create Your Tailored Care Plan
Next, our team of live in care professionals will create a personalised care plan based on your needs and abilities. This identifies the individual care and support you will receive and enables us to provide a price quote.
Carer Matching And Introductions
Once care is agreed upon, Safehands Live In Care will match you with suitable live in carers in Warwickshire and introduce you to them. Our local care management team is always available to monitor your care and provide any assistance you might need.
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.
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