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Offering the UK’s leading adult live in care, Safehands Live In Care provides the personalised support your loved ones need to live without limits in their own homes. As we grow older, our homes can become lonely, dangerous places. With obstacles everywhere we look, the things we used to take for granted become challenging and difficult. If you, or an elderly loved one, is having trouble doing the things they have always done, contact Safehands Wales Live In Care and learn how you can live life without limits today!
At Safehands Live In Care, we have built a reputation based on trust and are the only live in care provider chosen by more families for our higher standards of service and support and the fact that we have been rated excellent by our client UK wide.
Our Wales live in care service provides a custom tailored approach to home care. Whether you or an elderly loved one needs companionship, personal care, help with medication dosing, or you need more complex care, our team of experienced, professional carers can provide the level of care and support you need. We specialise in caring for patients suffering from dementia, stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.
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What is 24 hour care at home?

What is live in care and why is it so important? Often called 24 hour care at home, live in care means having an experienced professional carer in your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to attend to your health and basic lifestyle needs.
In most cases, elderly men and women often choose to live in a care home when they begin to find that caring for themselves and their homes becomes too much. They soon find that this takes away some of their independence and ability to live their lives without limits. Live in care in Wales is a better alternative as they can stay in the comfort of their own homes and get the assistance they need, when they need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

How Is Live In Care or 24 hour care at home Different?

Isn’t live in care the same as living in a care home? On the contrary. For many, live in care is much better and for many reasons. Just like a residential care home, you still get professional care no matter what time of day, but with live in care, you live in your own home. You have built your home into a place where family, friends and neighbours come to visit and Safehands Live In Care makes it possible for you to stay in your own home with the people, the surroundings and the cherished possessions you love most. This is especially important for patients requiring complex care such as those suffering with dementia. Having a professional carer living with you in your home means that you get the care and companionship you need to live a happier, healthier life.
With care plans uniquely tailored for each client, Safehands Live In Care focuses on the comfort and daily routines of our clients to ensure a better quality of life.
Safehands Live In Care is a locally owned and operated live in care provider which means that our live in care in Wales is managed, supported and quality assured locally by a management staff who is always on call to answer questions and provide assistance wherever it is needed.
Another advantage that live in care in Wales has over a residential care home is cost. Live in care is much more cost effective than residential care home service, especially for couples. With the rising costs of residential care homes, it’s refreshing to know that Safehands Live In Care can provide a higher level of care and support for less.
When would families use Wales live in care?

There are many instances where someone might need Wales live in care. Let’s take a look at some of them now:

Clients Currently Receiving Hourly Visiting Care
If you or an elderly loved one currently receives hourly domiciliary care in your home, you could be left without the care that you need in an emergency. Additionally, the cost of hourly domiciliary care is often much higher than live in care, especially if sleepover night care is required. Many who are receiving hourly visiting care can benefit from the one-on-one, personalised attention that 24 hour care at home can provide.
Home Care For Couples
A unique benefit of live in care in Wales is that it is even more beneficial for couples. Familiarity, companionship and trust are important for many elderly couples and live in care in Wales makes that a priority. Not only do elderly couples get the option of staying together, but the cost savings over residential care is significant which means they can enjoy more of what life has to offer.
Wales Hospital Discharge
For hospitalised patients recovering from an illness, injury or other life threatening medical condition, a certain level of home care is required before they can be discharged. With safe and sustainable Wales live in care, that level of care is both met and exceeded ensuring a successful recovery.
Specialist Care Needs
Elderly patients suffering from dementia or Parkinson’s or those who might need the kind of specialist medication support that only full-time live in care in England can provide, will benefit greatly from Safehands Live In Care. This is because with Wales live in care, there is continuity of care, familiar surroundings and a warm, welcoming environment with a dependable client / carer relationship.
Elderly Falls Prevention
Falls are one of the leading causes of hospitalisation for the elderly. This is mainly due to the fact that they are often left alone in their homes which have become difficult for them to navigate. With Wales live in care, there is a professionally trained live in carer on hand to help reduce the risk of slip and falls and to ensure the safety of the person on their care. If there is an accident, the live in carer can provide immediate first aid and contact emergency services for assistance.
How Do I Arrange Live In Care In Wales?
Arranging live in care in Wales with Safehands Live In Care is an easy 4-step process:
Speak To Our Local Team
Contact Safehands Live In Care on 0203 417 0090 and one of our knowledgeable care specialists will assist you and answer any questions you might have.
Wales Home Care Assessment
Once we understand your needs, we will schedule a home care assessment and a local home care manager will visit you to further discuss your care needs.
Create Your Tailored Care Plan
Step 3 involves creating a custom tailored care plan based on the information our local home care manager gathered.
Carer Matching And Introductions
Finally, you will be matched up with suitable live in carers in Wales. You will meet them and decide if they are the right carers for your needs.
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.
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