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Why Choose 24-hour care in your own home

As a highly rated live in care provider in the UK, we are ranked as Good by the CQC (Care Quality Commission). Our Kent live in care services include the full range of support required in the individual’s own home, including those who require more complex care due to dementia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis or strokes. Our service covers everything from companionship and genuine friendship through to helping to administer medication and carrying out personal care tasks.
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What Is Live In Care?

What do we mean when we refer to live-in care? It is a type of comprehensive service that delivers 24-hour care at home, with the professional caregiver living in the home with their client. Remaining close by during both day and night means that when a care need arises, a trained professional is right there. As an alternative to transferring to a care home, live-in care in Kent has proven to be an extremely popular option that is continually on the rise. Many people prefer to remain in their own home and live-in care makes this possible, while still meeting their changing care needs.
24-hour home care can provide support to both elderly individuals and couples, enabling independent living for as long as possible while also providing the reassurance of knowing help is close by. This type of intense support has the benefit of offering continuity of care whenever it is needed, as the carer is living with the clients. Being together in such proximity means that a friendship is easy to build, and this companionship is a fundamental part of the service for many.
How Is Live-In Care Different?
There are many valid choices for care needs, such as hourly care at home, or leaving the family home to move into a nursing home. However, compared to these, live-in care offers many advantages. The benefits for an individual being able to remain in familiar surroundings and being able to continue with existing routines should never be underestimated, especially for those with dementia. With 24-hour care at home, the individual and their family receives a care plan which has been tailored to their care needs and existing daily routines.
Our live-in care in Kent is truly local, with a local office that provides the support and management, as well as overseeing the arrangements. This is very different to most of the other UK care providers in the market. Our local offices carry out unannounced visits on a regular basis to ensure that everything is going well and that the carer and the client are both happy. Cost can be a factor when considering care, but live-in care in Kent is more affordable than residential care. This is often the case when there is an elderly couple looking for two places in a home.
Some of the scenarios where Kent live-in care may be used includes:
Couples who need care in Kent
Live in care in Kent can be tailored to meet the needs of the family, which could mean supporting one person or both in an elderly couple. Opting for 24-hour care at home enables the individuals to stay in their familiar surroundings where they feel the most comfortable while still benefiting from professional care around the clock. The support available can range from personal care and medication administration to help with domestic chores. The cost for live-in care is relatively low compared to paying for two places in a residential home, as it’s just one carer at a time that needs to be paid for.
Specialist care for high needs
Full-time live in care in England is a preferable option for many of the elderly who have complex care needs, such as those living with Parkinson’s or dementia, or individuals who require support with the administration of medication. 24-hour care in your own home can be more efficient and appropriate and avoids the need to move to institutional care, something that many are keen to avoid. Live-in care enables a dedicated carer to provide support as and when needed, developing much closer relationships and allowing a personalised care package to be delivered.
Hospital Discharge Care
There must be an appropriate care plan in place for an individual to be safely discharged from the hospital and that is where our Kent live-in care team can help. We support elderly people to successfully return home from the hospital, by creating a comprehensive care package. This is drawn up by completing an assessment of the individual’s care needs while they’re still in hospital and getting all the information required from hospital care professionals.
Clients who already have hourly visiting care
Hourly visiting care is often referred to as domiciliary care, and whether it’s being managed by a care agency or social services, there is frequently a recommendation to change to 24-hour care at home instead. Care in your own home can be preferable when multiple visits are needed every day from a team of carers. Cost is a factor too as 24-hour care at home can work out to be far more economical compared to intense support from visiting domiciliary care. When night care and waking nights are required, the hourly care costs can be higher. It is not just about the cost though, as many UK live-in care service providers such as us believe that there are many benefits to a carer working with a client on a one-to-one basis. With two carers rotating between the client’s home on a four-week basis, this type of support offers the chance for genuine friendships to blossom.
Elderly Falls Prevention
Falls in the elderly can become very serious and are a major factor in hospital admissions and continuing ill-health. A live-in carer in Kent can play an active role in helping falls to be avoided and creating a safe environment for the elderly to live in. If falls or trips do occur, having a carer close by means the alarm can be raised immediately. This allows urgent medical care to be obtained where necessary and helps to prevent the need for hospital admissions.
At a mutually convenient time and date, our local care home manager will visit you in either your own home or your current care setting, such as a hospital. This allows you to ask any questions you might have, as well as providing the opportunity to carry out an assessment of your personal needs.
We match every individual with the best and most suitable live-in carers in Kent to meet their needs. You will also have continuing support from the care management team in the local office who will be monitoring all aspects of your care.
Live-in Care Kent
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