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Hertfordshire Live In Care Services

With a Care Quality Commission or CQC rating as Good, we are one of the most highly reputable live in care provider in the UK. Comprehensive and all-inclusive, the Hertfordshire live in care service we offer our clients covers everything from help with medication, personal care, friendship and companionship to more specialist types of support in cases where individuals have Parkinson’s, MS, dementia or strokes.
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How is 24 hour home care Defined?

24-hour care at home or live in care is defined as being a service involving a trained and experienced carer living with a client to help them with specific needs. Therefore, they have the benefit of help when they need it, whether it’s during the night or day.
As an alternative to care and nursing home admission, live in care in Hertfordshire is more commonplace and popular these days. It means a client can have their evolving needs met, while allowing them to stay in their own home.
It gives both elderly couples and individuals a sense of independence, as 24-hour home care means they don’t have to leave their home, but still have the assurance that can receive 24-hour care when necessary from a trained professional.
We are focused on there being continuity in the care provided and genuine friendship and companionship are offered from the carer staying at the home of the client every week.
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.

In What Way is Live In Care Different to Other Options?

When you look at both residential care and nursing homes or hourly care at home, live in care is more advantageous. It enables people who need care to remain in a familiar environment and maintain the lifestyle and routine they prefer, while receiving the care they need, a consideration that’s important in cases where dementia is involved.
Our 24-hour care at home services are customised fully to each client and their family’s needs with a comprehensive plan of care that works with rather than against daily routines and towards the outcomes the client wants to achieve. Our locally based live in care in Hertfordshire, in stark contrast to many UK care providers, is run by local offices who oversee the support, quality assurance and management of the services. There is an appointed care management team who conduct support visits on a weekly basis to ensure both carer and client are satisfied.
Another advantage of live in care in Hertfordshire as offered by our organisation is that it is more cost effective than the alternatives. Particularly as nursing or care homes will require an elderly couple to cover the cost for two beds.

Our Hertfordshire live in care service may suit families in the following scenarios:

Elderly Couples 24 hour Care at home
Elderly couples can access our live-in care in Hertfordshire, regardless of whether one half or both partners require help and support. They can, therefore, continue to live together in a setting they are both comfortable and familiar with, having the help of a professional care provider at any time of the day. A professional carer who can offer any kind of assistance from help with their personal care, administering medication or more domestic-based support. The cost saving for couples is considerable over nursing home and care home admission as Safehands charges for one carer, whereas residential care facilities usually charge for two beds.
When Clients Are Already In Receipt of Domiciliary Care
We have noted that it’s often the case where families who already receive domiciliary care or hourly home visits from local social services or an agency determine that care in your own home or 24-hour care is a more viable option. This is especially true if the cost is similar or higher than live-in care or more than one carer is required to handle the numerous daily visits they require.
The cost of domiciliary care can also increase exponentially if sleepover night care is necessary. With a UK live in care service as offered by Safehands, though, clients get the benefit of having two carers who have set shifts for offering individual and direct care throughout the week. This ensures that better and more effective relationships between carer and client can be forged as well as ensuring there is continuity with the care provided.
Preventing Elderly Falls
As falls are one of the biggest causes for elderly ill health and even admission to hospital, having a live-in carer in Hertfordshire plays a significant role in making sure the client can live in their own home safely and are less likely to fall. There is also the benefit of there being a carer in the vicinity to make emergency calls if the client has a fall and needs help, which could help avoid a more serious scenario or even the admission to hospital for the client.
Hertfordshire Discharge from Hospital
The client’s home typically must be safe and sustainable with an adequate level and quality of care arranged to qualify for hospital discharge. The special Hertfordshire live in care providers we can offer can assist elderly individuals with a managed return to their home after a hospital stay by assessing their needs in the home setting compared to those in the hospital and working alongside the hospital specialists.
When there are Specialist Care Requirements
If elderly individuals or couples are living with complicated medical conditions such as Parkinson’s or dementia or need any other specialist support, our 24-hour live in care in England services may be a more effective form of care than domiciliary care or a nursing or care home. A more customised and tailored approach to care is offered from our 24-hour care in your own home service that produces stronger carer and client relationships and ensures there’s a proper continuity for care.
How Can I Setup Live In Care In Hertfordshire?
Contact Us
Give Safehands a call on either 0208 617 8113 or 0203 417 0090 or simply click right here and we will call you. We have warm and friendly individuals waiting to help you determine your needs and choose the options best for you when it comes to live in care in England.
Assessment for Home Care
When it’s suitable for you, one of our trained and experience home care managers will come out to meet you at either your home or the care home or hospital you are currently receiving care to answer your questions and assess your needs
Develop a Customised Plan of Care
We will develop with you a tailored plan of care that involves the information we noted during the assessment and highlights the individualised support we will provide
Introductions and Matching to Carers
We carefully pair live in carers in Hertfordshire with our clients and before they start working with you, we will formally introduce them so you can become acquainted. Our care management team will always be on the other end of a phone and will be monitoring the care we provide continually.
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.
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