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Safehands are a live in care service in Gloucestershire England and we therefore offer elderly and inform adults with comprehensive tailored support and care within the familiar setting of their home.
We are a highly sought after and reliable live in care provider in the UK who has achieved a rating of Good from the Care Quality Commission. We include everything in our Gloucestershire live in care service from personal care and medication help to friendship and companionship. We also provide more specialised care and support for those individuals with more demanding conditions like Parkinson’s, strokes, MS and dementia.

What Does Live In Care Mean for the Individual?

The terms 24-hour care at home and live in care refer to a service involving the employment of a trained and experienced carer living in the home of a client who needs care. As well as ensuring their needs are met, whatever time of the day (or night) it is, it also means they can remain in their own home.
There has been a surge of interest in live in care in Northamptonshire for those reasons above, instead of going down the residential care or nursing home route.
With the 24-hour home care Safehands offers, elderly individuals and couples can continue their lives with a measure of independence, bolstered by the confidence there is professional 24-hour care to hand when they need it.
A further benefit of this form of care is there is a genuine consistently across the board, with the carer living with them from week to week. This also benefits both as true friendships can be developed more effectively this way.
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.

How Different is Live in Care to Other forms of Care?

There are many distinct benefits of opting for live in care rather than living in a residential care or nursing home or arranging hourly visits for care at home. As well as giving individuals a measure of independence, it also means they can live in a place that’s familiar and safe for them. This is imperative with people suffering severe cases of dementia.
Rather than offering a catch-all or one-size-fits-all service, Safehands offers a 24-hour care at home arrangement that’s fully bespoke to the individual’s needs and the plan of action developed can incorporate any established daily routines and specific goals they want to achieve.
Many agencies and UK care providers do not offer quite the same service as us, even if it seems they do. At Safehands, the live-in care in Gloucestershire we provide is supported, managed and assured for quality by locally based offices. At that office there is a fully dedicated care management team for the Gloucestershire area who visit clients and carers every week to make sure all is well.
Compared to the care home route, live in care in Gloucestershire is more affordable and cost-effective. This is especially true when it comes to couples, as you are paying for one carer instead of two beds.
Below we have given examples of the situations and individuals who could benefit most from Gloucestershire live in care:
Elderly Individuals and Couples Currently in Receipt of Domiciliary Care
It is becoming more and more common for individuals and couples who receive domiciliary care, or hourly home care visits, to switch to 24-hour care at home or care in their own home as more appropriate arrangement. This is normally the result of there being numerous visits daily involving multiple different carers and because it could be just as expensive or cheaper even to have live in care.
The price of hourly visits can skyrocket whenever sleepovers are required. At Safehands, similarly to other UK live in service providers with the same motives as ours, we provide one-on-one care from no more than two carers, who tend to work on a rotational basis each week. This means there is consistency in the care given and stronger, more trusting and beneficial relationships between carer and client are fostered.
Elderly Couples Looking for Home Care
Whether it’s one or both parties in a couple who need care and support, live in care in Gloucestershire is available for them. The advantage is this allows a couple to stay together in their home, safe in the knowledge there is a trained and skilled carer on hand to cover their needs. Whether those needs are help with medication and personal care or support around the house. The savings are exceptionally high if live care is chosen over residential care or nursing home, as they are only playing for one carer as opposed to two beds in the same facility.
To Help Qualify For Discharge from Hospital
When an elderly individual wants to be discharged form hospital, it may be required that there is a structured and adequate care plan arranged to make a home return safe and sustainable. The Safehands Gloucestershire live in care specialists can assist elderly making the transition from hospital to home in a managed and measured fashion. We will assess the needs you have at hospital and at home and work alongside the healthcare professionals at the hospital.
When There Are Specialised Care Needs
Any individuals suffering from serious and complicated conditions like Parkinson’s or dementia or who just need specialist care, may find live in care in England on a full-time basis more effective and efficient than moving to a nursing or care home or receiving domiciliary care. You benefit from a consistent quality and quantity of care with a professional carer, as they offer 24-hour care in your own home delivering more tailored support and establishing better relationships between you both.
Prevention of Falls and Slips
Slips and falls, generally accidental, are one of the biggest issues that result in elderly people being admitted to hospital and suffering from ill health. When there is a live-in carer in Gloucestershire present in their home though, it means most potential falls and trips can be prevented and when an emergency does arise, they are on hand to phone for assistance. This quick response can reduce the need for more serious help and could prevent hospital admission.
How to Organise Live in Care In Gloucestershire
Give Safehands a Call
Call us or simply clock here and Safehands will be in contact. Our team comprises of highly experience and friendly specialists who can assess your needs and help you make the right choice for live in care in England.
Home Assessment of Care Needs and Lifestyle
When it’s suitable, we can arrange for our professional manager to come out and assess the home care needs you have as well as answer your questions.
Design a Customised Plan of Care
We can design, with your input and assistance, a plan of care we all agree on that will cover all your needs and highlight the level of care and support you are going to receive.
Introductions to Carers
We work hard to pair the right live in carers in Gloucestershire with the right patients. Once we have selected an individual, we will introduce you both to one another. This will happen before the care commences, so you are acquainted with one another. We also offer continued support and monitoring of the care you receive.
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.
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