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Devon live in care is a special service offered by Safehands, that offers young adults and elderly personalised care and support within their own home, ensuring they can live life without any limitations.
Safehands is a reliable live in care provider in the UK, as well as a local live in care agency which has been rated “Good” by the CQC (Care Quality Commission). Our live in care service encompasses everything including personal care, companionship and help with medication as well as specialist support to assist with conditions such as strokes, Parkinson’s MS and dementia.
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.
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What is Devon Live in Care?

Live in care is caring for you or your loved ones 24-hours a day. This involves a professional carer living with them in their own home so their needs can be fully met. They are therefore available to offer assistance during the day and night whenever necessary.
Devon live in care represents an excellent alternative to living in a care home since it allows you to remain in a comforting and familiar place while being looked after.
Home instead care allows elderly couples and singles the chance to carry on living independently, with the reassurance that help is readily available from a fully trained carer as and when it is needed.
Safehands also provides continuity in care since the carer is living with the client 24/7, ensuring support and companionship is a major element of this service.

What is The Differences Between Devon Live In Care and Other Care Alternatives?

There are many advantages to receiving 24/7 in home care when compared with hourly visits care or relocating to a care home. Loved ones can continue enjoying their familiar lifestyle and surroundings, which is vital especially when suffering from conditions like dementia.
24-hour care at home is tailored to meet your precise individual needs, with care plans developed around daily routines as well as the outcomes which you want to achieve.
Unlike many other UK care providers, we’re able to offer live in care in Devon that is quality assured, supported and managed by local offices. Our local team for care management also carries out daily checks to guarantee that both carer and client are happy.
Live in care in Devon also represents a cost-effective solution when compared with residential homes, especially for couples that would need to meet the expense of paying for two beds in a nursing or care home.

Many examples shows that families may benefit from Devon live in home care:

Clients Who Are Currently Receiving Care With Hourly Visits
Often families which receive domiciliary care (or hourly home care) from social services or an agency decide that care in your own home or 24-hour care at home is a more cost-effective option. This is because having multiple daily visits require several carers to be involved with this process. This causes costs to increase unnecessarily and eventually be more expensive than having live in carer.
If night care is also required, hourly costs also increase. Many UK live in care service providers offer one-to-one care supplied by only two carers rotating to ensure care continuity as well as positive relationships.
Live in care in Devon for Couples
Home instead care is a great choice for elderly couples, whether just one partner requires care or both. This option allows elderly couples to stay together in their own home’s familiar setting with a care professional on hand for support with everything from medication assistance to personal care. Live in care is much cheaper for couples than a residential home as there is only a single carer required when compared with paying for 2 beds for a couple in a residential home.
Care After Hospital Discharge
If an elderly person is to be discharged from a hospital, there must be a suitable care package in place to guarantee their safety. Our Devon live in care team can help elderly patients to manage their hospital discharge, undertaking a full assessment of needs both at home and in hospital and working closely with close relatives and healthcare professionals to ensure a smooth transfer.
Caring For Specialist Needs
For the elderly or young adults who have complex conditions like Parkinson’s or dementia, or those who require specialist support with their medication, live in care in England on a full-time basis could be a more effective and appropriate solution to domiciliary care. Often, it’s also a more preferable choice than moving into a nursing home or institutional care. 24 hour care in your own home is a good way of ensuring care continuity from a single live-in carer, enabling more personalised delivery of care and the development of a more positive carer/client relationship.
Elderly Fall Prevention
One significant reason for older people being admitted to hospital is due to falls. If a professional live in carer is on hand, falls can be prevented at home so the client can live safely. Live in carers can also raise an alert should a fall occur and contact emergency services, preventing a serious incident from arising.
How Is It Possible To Arrange Live In Care In Devon?
Talk with our local Safehands Live In Care Devon team
Give Safehands a call today on 0208 617 8113 (our Head Office in London) or on our local number (0203 417 0090). Alternatively, click here and we can give you a callback. We have a team of friendly experts on hand to talk about your needs with you and assist with your available options when high-quality live-in care in England is required.
Assessment for home care
The local manager for in home care will come to your home at a time that’s convenient to you, or your care setting should you be in a care home or hospital. They will answer your questions and assess your needs.
Draw up a tailored care plan
We will draw up and agree on a care plan which is personalised to your needs and which sums up all the details which we have gathered while assessing your requirements. This plan will identify all the individual help you’ll receive.
Matching you to a carer and making introductions
We will match you with the most appropriate live in carers in Devon nd carry out introductions before your care begins. You can also contact the local team for care management if you need any support and we’ll be monitoring your care regularly.
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.
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