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Live in care Cost is determined by the agencies involved and therefore, can vary from one agency 

to the other depending on the level of care services required.

Live -in care cost

Live in care services is a cost effective care option which is available for the elderly. As we grow older and get slowly inducted into the community of elderly citizens, it becomes vital to tackle some fundamental issues that are common among older members of society.

It is inevitable to provide some form of care for our aging loved ones, and while the most popular care providers today offer residential home care, it has been determined that this form of care might not be best for people who have special needs and require special attention. Old age comes with lots of individual disabilities, illnesses, and health issues, and without the proper care, deterioration occurs faster than usual.

Cost Effective Live In Care Packages

At Safehands Live-In Care, we offer personalised care services, tailored to your specific needs and requirements, and help provide the best the care industry has to offer. We also provide flexible live in care costs and schedules designed to attend to every need of your aged loved one. At Safehands Live-In Care, we charge our clients weekly, ensuring that our charges are affordable to the average family and maintaining a rigorous standard and care regimen all in the same breath.

How Does Live In Care Work?

There are so many benefits of having a live-in carer. Not only is it more cost-efficient than nursing homes, but it also offers a personal, hands-on service that these facilities don’t offer. Here is a breakdown of how live-in care works and what you gaining from using our award-winning service.

Live-in care service involves not one carer, but a pair of carers, who alternate and therefore provide around-the-clock service that is friendly, reliable, and secure. Providing companionship in the comfort of their home means that you or your loved one is able to retain their independence.

How live-in care hours work is that carers, having their own bedroom, live in the homes of our clients for up to seven days of the week.
Whether you need help with domestic activities, personal care, or companionship with social activities, our live-in carers are always there to help in a discreet and respectful way. This allows individuals and couples to feel comfortable in their own space, and to continue living their lives surrounded by familiar people and neighborhoods.
Our live-in care services offer the kind of care that comes from close 24-hour service and will ensure you or your loved one gets the quality of service that is needed and deserved. For information please visit our Live-in care services


How Much Does Live In Care Cost?

Our Care Packages

Low dependency

£699.00 / per week

Good for clients who are quite independent- support with domestic duties (cleaning, cooking, shopping)

medium dependency

£799.00 / per week

– Good for clients with limited independence – assist with domestic duties (cleaning, cooking, shopping) – providing companionship

high dependency

899.00 / per week

Good for clients that depend on the carer for every thing if not all activities- support with domestic duties

Couples/ Respite Care

950.00 / per week

support with domestic duties (cleaning, cooking, shopping) – providing companionship – assisting with events and medical appointments
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.
cost of 24 hour care

Live In Care Funding

Funding the care of your loved one can be quite complicated, and when done without the necessary process. It is advisable to arrange a free assessment session at your local authority department to get an insight into what your loved one needs and the best way to go about it.
It is equally possible to request financial assistance through a means-test if you believe that your loved one deserves one and will be eligible for it. Only older people with assets that are less than GBP 23,250 are eligible for financial assistance in care provision cases in the United Kingdom.
If you or your loved one can’t afford their dementia care costs, there are some practical ways to bear the expenses, including an equity release scheme or investing in a lifetime annuity.
When it is determined that the live-in care model is perfect for your elderly one, it is best to consult your private care provider on how best to tackle their individual needs and the accompanying costs. At Safehands Live In Care, we provide professional advice on the best way to fund the live-in care cost of your loved ones.
Give us a call 0203 417 0090 or send us an email to get started right away, our client representatives are available at all hours of the day to walk you through the process and help you get the best for your loved one.
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