Keeping Your Vulnerable Loved Ones Safe This Winter

In the darker nights and colder days of winter, our concerns for vulnerable loved ones naturally increase. The low temperatures and lack of natural light mean that they are at risk of a whole host of health and safety issues. 


Many of us will be wondering if there is anything we can do to help protect our family and friends at this time of year and you will be pleased to know that there is. For anyone looking to keep their vulnerable loved ones safe this winter, Safe Hands Live-In Care have put together a helpful guide. 


Make sure their home warm 


In the winter, homes should be heated throughout to around 18°C and up to 21°C in the main living areas during the day. This may seem obvious and you would expect your family and friends to switch their heating on when they feel a little bit cold but, this isn’t always the case. 


It is so easy for a house to get cold, especially at this time of year so, if you can pop in to make sure their heating is on then do so. You may want to consider getting them an automatic timer if you can’t be there daily, this will ensure that their heating turns on automatically.


Watch for the first signs of a cold


There are so many different illnesses about at this time of year and it is highly likely your loved one will pick something up. Unfortunately, minor cold-weather illnesses such as coughs and colds can turn into chest infections and even pneumonia in vulnerable people.


When visiting, if you notice that your loved one isn’t themselves or if they tell you that they are feeling unwell then nip any potentially serious problems in the bud by insisting on a visit to the doctor or pharmacist. It is always good to get things checked out. 


Encourage a little exercise


As soon as the weather turns colder many people would much rather hibernate inside then head out for some exercise. Fitness levels often drop over the winter months and this can cause problems later in the year.


Try to convince your family and friends to get out and about, even if it is just popping to the

shops or meeting a friend for lunch. If it is really chilly outside, they can keep active indoors by moving around the house to tackle some chores or even just make a cup of tea.


Help maintain a healthy diet 

Three good meals a day and plenty of fruit and veg are a must all year round but even more so in the winter. It isn’t uncommon for your body to experiences changes in energy levels, metabolism and even food preferences in the winter making this much harder. 


At this time of year, try to make sure your loved ones are having at least one hot meal each day. This will help to warm them up whilst ensuring they are getting all of the nutrients they need. Make sure their cupboards and freezers are stocked up in case they can’t get to the shops too.


Keep their spirits up 


You’re probably aware that winter can be hard on the mental wellbeing of vulnerable people who are at home alone all day. Try to make sure that nobody you know is left feeling lonely this season, especially your loved ones. 


Physically being able to visit every day can be really difficult. If you can’t get there then even giving them a quick call or speaking via a Skype or FaceTime can really cheer them up. It is amazing what seeing another face and hearing a friendly voice can do.


How Safe Hands Live-In Care can help 


Taking care of your vulnerable loved one by yourself during the winter months can feel

Overwhelming. At this time of year, it isn’t uncommon for people to turn to a care agency for help. There is no shame in reaching out and asking for short term live-in care or even just someone to pop round every now and then to give you peace of mind that your loved ones are safe, happy and healthy. 


If you’re searching for a company that can provide you with companionship care at home then Safe Hands Live-In Care are here to help you. They can assist with your family and friends whether they have a life-long learning disability or they are elderly and struggle to take care of themselves. So, whether you need additional care for young-adults this winter or you’re looking into elderly care at home please don’t hesitate to reach out to Safe Hands Live-In Care. 

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