How live in care works

How live in care works

The consultation process allows us to complete an assessment of care needs first, to enable your needs to be met as well as to match you with the right carer. We endeavor to match our clients with experienced carers who have similar interests or personality to them. Our clients and their family are totally involved in the formulation of a bespoke support care plan. There will also be an on-call team to contact around the clock for support to both clients and carers alike.

how does live in care works
                            How does live in care works

A care coordinator comes to assess your care needs. They gather information about your health, wishes, and daily routines. Then, the care coordinator prepares an individual care plan. Next, we choose a professional and highly qualified carer who is a good match for your personality.

Every client is deferent, the time live in carer stays at any one time depending on the level of care required. Some work three weeks on one week off or two weeks on two weeks off.

There are many benefits of hiring a live in carer. Live in care service offers a personalised approach to your care needs at an affordable cost. Our team of carers are experienced individuals who provide around the clock service that is reliable and secure.

The carer’s week runs from Friday to Friday. The number of weeks a carer works is to be agreed before they can go for a break. Clients need to make sure that the carer has a separate room. All our carers are entitled to two hours break each day.

More and more people decide to choose live in care service nowadays. It lets them stay secure and independent without leaving their homes. They enjoy the familiar surroundings and the possibility to spend time with the loved ones. Whether you need a companion, domestic care, or help with social activities, we are always there to help. We are discreet and respectful in our approach so that you can feel comfortable and secure.

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