Care for Disabled Young Adults: Is Live in Care For Them?

Supported living at home is a care service like no other. The incredible flexibility of this service means that it is suitable for absolutely anyone who requires additional help in order to live an independent and fulfilling life in their own home. The wide variety of people that this specific type of care  can help is amazing and if you feel as though your needs or the needs of a loved one don’t fit into any other care category then definitely look into supported living. 

For anyone that is searching for some additional information regarding the people that supported living can help and how this service can help them specifically, keep reading today. Safe Hands Live-In Care have looked into the groups of people that supported living frequently helps. 

Care for Disabled Young Adults: With both learning and physical disabilities

Many people turn to supported living if they have a learning disability or a physical disability that affects their ability to live independently. Of course, the level of support they require will differ quite dramatically depending on the disability they have. 

Supported living is the perfect type of care for disabled young adults and it helps them to start their adult life independently and for many, this means finally living in their own home. This type of care can help individuals with learning disabilities or physical disabilities with all day-to-day tasks and it will ensure that they are safely living independently. 

People with age-related problems  

It isn’t uncommon for supported living to be a great solution for anyone struggling with day-to-day life due to age-related problems. Elderly care at home comes in many different forms and this is something that can easily be adjusted as required over time. 

When it comes to supported living for the elderly, the services that a carer can offer will really vary. They can provide companionship and assist when it comes to getting out and about to appointments or social events but, they can also help with personal care and provide medical assistance if required too. 

Patients who have been discharged from hospital 

Returning home after having been in the hospital for a long period of time can be quite difficult and adjusting back to ‘normal life’ takes time. Lots of people use some form of supported living to help them with this transition and usually, they turn to temporary live-in care or short-term respite care. 

A carer can provide a range of supported living services to anyone that has been discharged from hospital. Usually, people require assistance with medication management, changing dressings or even physical therapy and this is all something a carer can help with. 

Anyone with a mental health diagnosis

These days, supported living is also used to help anyone struggling with daily life due to a mental health diagnosis. Again, depending on the severity of your diagnosis the amount of support required may differ but, due to its flexibility supported living is perfect. 

If you choose to turn to an agency for supported living due to your mental health diagnosis they can help with all of the basics such as managing bills and money to self-care and life skills. However, they can also provide you with further support in other areas if it is required and can even offer 24 hour care in-home. Their services can be completely tailored to your needs. 

Finding a care agency for supported living at home 

Understanding more about supported living, the people this service regularly helps and also what supported living entails will help you to decide whether it is the best option for you or a loved one. If you would like to speak to a professional care agency about this service in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact Safe Hands Live In Care. 

Our experienced carers offer a variety of supported living services to care for disabled young adults but we also offer a range of other care services too, so whatever your needs may be, you can trust that we will find the perfect care solution for you. With the help of Safe Hands Live In Care you can rest assured that you will be getting all of the support that you require. 

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