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Berkshire Live In Care Services

Safehands’ live in care service in England serves the Berkshire area with 24-hour live in care. We operate locally managed carers to provide a range of unique and specialised 24-hour care services that take place at a client’s home. The crucial benefit of this is that clients can spend their time at home and are not displaced to residential care homes. Safehands are dedicated to maintaining exceptional standards at all times and thus, our live-in care service is certified as trustworthy, we’ve received a rating of “Good” by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
We can administer all types of care from standard to basic levels of care, through to more intense care for a range of unique and complex needs. From administering personal care to medication and emotional support and friendship, Safehands goes the extra mile in providing a care service you can trust.
Our carers can specialise in difficult, complex or progressive conditions. We can care for stroke suffers, sufferers of degenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s, dementia or multiple sclerosis, etc. 24-hour live-in care in Berkshire provides sanctitude and peace of mind – you can rest easy knowing the client is being looked after 24/7 in their own home. This is the primary benefit of 24-hour care at home.
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.
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What Actually is Live-in Care, then?

Live-in care is 24-hour care provided at home in the property the client lives in. The carer lives with the client in their own home assisting with day to day care needs. They are therefore on hand to provide care round the clock. 24-hour care allows carers to build relationships that tackle loneliness and having company can be invaluable to the mental wellbeing of the client.

Live-in Care vs Hourly Care/Night Care/Day Care

Live-in care primarily differs from hourly/night/day care through the fact it provides 24-hour care at home. Hourly/night/day care carried out either by social services or care workers from agencies, etc, is less frequent and therefore it is harder for carers to build proper relationships with clients. In comparison, live-in care can not only cater for special and complex requirements that demand greater levels of care, but it can also provide valuable emotional support to combat loneliness. This is its primary benefit when compared to normal care.
Safehands takes great care in tailoring plans to specific and unique client needs. Our care plans are rigorous and will cater to your expectations and requirements, we will work with you to establish the best way forward.
Our 24-hour live-in care services are locally managed. This helps us to carry out appropriate checks on your care plan, these will occur weekly and we will check everything from whether care is being administered properly and on-time as well as the emotional contentment of the client.
Lastly, live-in care often works out as more affordable than live-in care.

Read on if you want to learn who can reap the benefits of live-in care at home:

People in Receipt of Hourly Care
Hourly care is a regular care plan for those who need frequent care. This involves hourly visits by care workers or social services, either from different companies and agencies or from the same one. Here, hourly care can become very expensive due to the fact it involves multiple carers. In this scenario, 24-hour care can represent better value than hourly care. Since one carer will carry out care tasks on a 24-hour basis, you won’t have to pay lots of agencies for lots of different carers.
Our 24-hour care service in Berkshire often uses two care workers who work to one-week rotors. One carer will spend a week with the client before another takes over, and so on. This enables the client to build relationships with the carer.
24/7 Care at Home for Couples
Couples can benefit greatly from Safehands’ live-in care service. Residential care costs can be sky-high for double rooms and thus, 24-hour care at home can represent value for money and overall, it can provide a much better level of care.
Live-in Care Post Hospital Discharge
Following discharge from hospital, care may be required immediately. Live-in care at home can be an ideal and sustainable choice here, we can meet healthcare professionals at hospital to discuss unique requirements and healthcare outcomes before coming up with the best care package for the client.
Live-in Care for those with Unique and Complex Needs
Safehands’ specialist care services can provide care for those suffering from a complex array of progressive or long-term conditions. These include, but aren’t limited to, ALS and other motor-neurone diseases, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s and sufferers of stroke. For sufferers of complex disease, live-in care can provide peace of mind that the client is being attended to 24/7.
Preventing Accidents and Falls
Falls and accidents are a major cause of admission to hospital, especially in the elderly. Falls can have knock-on effects on clients because of long hospital stays and health decline. 24-hour live-in care at home can help lessen falls and accidents. In the event of a fall or accident, a 24-hour carer can quickly alert for a doctor or ambulance.
How Do I Start with Live-in Care in Berkshire?
Chat to Safehands
Safehands are pleased to respond to every question surrounding live-in care in England. We are always available on our local number – 0203 417 0090, or you can leave a message and are available on our London headquarters number too which is 0208 617 8113. Our specialised team of experts and representatives are happy to discuss anything with you.
Assessing your home care needs
After you’ve made contact, we will begin to assess your care requirements. Our local care managed in Berkshire will contact you for a meeting and we will assess your care setting, whether at home or other property. We will assess the care environment before moving on to formulate a care plan.
Forming a personal care plan
Post-assessment, we will draft up your care plan. This will involve a rigorous itemisation of care needs and requirements. We will work with you to formulate a care plan suited to the client from basic care to specialised and unique care.
Matching you up with your live in carer
Lastly and most importantly, we will work to match the client with the most suitable live-in carer available. Our live-in carers in Berkshire are specialised to many forms of live-in care and we will find one with a skill set best matched to the client’s need. Once you’re happy, a care package is put in place.
Talk to our friendly care advisors about your care needs. Calls from landline are free.
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